The Natural Resource Management program in KMUTT was established in 1994 at School of Bioresource and Technology to be responsible for graduate programs, research and development. This was in response to promote efficient use of natural resources. We also recognize the importance of natural resources management to the region and the need to create educational and research bases that enable interdisciplinary study. Due to differences in topography, and social/cultural needs of different regions, exchanging knowledge on a research basis with local people will be also encouraged. Furthermore, the program emphasizes science and scientific understanding of the systems that we are trying to manage and the application of scientific concepts and technologies for problem solving and decision-making in order to use, conserve, and manage natural resources.

            In line with the government policy to improve the relationship between Thailand and its neighbours, KMUTT is willing to assist Thailand’s neighbours to develop human capabilities including training and technical exchange. To do this, the Natural Resource Management program is being conducted in English and will accept students from Indochina, ASEAN and other regional countries. Students will be encouraged to do work in which the research activities are motivated by problems in their countries to satisfy their country needs.



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