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Division of Natural Resources Management

The decline and loss of natural systems is happening extremely quickly in many countries of the world, and the problem is particularly acute in Southeast Asia. The Natural Resource Management graduate program at KMUTT, established in 1994, focuses on major issues and methods used in the study of the earth’s environment. The program integrates concepts from many disciplines (e.g., natural resources conservation, ecology, economics, law, chemistry, philosophy, as well as others). The program is designed to broaden the background of students and to stimulate in-depth study of natural resource management issues of national, regional and international interest to make them prepared for careers in natural resource management in the public and private sector. The program provides extensive practice in how to understand, synthesize and summarize information from the current literature. We also strive to have graduates demonstrate an ability to analyze data, apply primary scientific literature to management decisions, be objectively skeptical and able to ask critical questions and have enhanced written and oral communication skills. NRM research currently focuses on rural community development and outreach, waste management, and wildlife ecology.




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